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Secrets for Beautiful Winter Skin

Winter Skin Care

Dry skin in Winter? There's nothing worse than feeling like you have to hide your scaly legs & cracked elbows when you're out with friends. I've been there, year after year, but this year things are looking different. I am taking the time to make sure I care for my skin, in different ways to what I would in Summer, and so far things are looking, and feeling, GOOOOOOOD! Here are my top ten tips for nourished & beautiful skin during the cold months:

  1. Stay hydrated: I don't know about you, but I definitely find it difficult to drink enough water in Winter. The reality is though, our skin needs hydration from the inside out, so try and stick to your 2 litres a day and you will notice a difference in your skin. If you struggle to enjoy drinking that much water try adding a drop of citrus essential oil and it will be more like a yummy treat!

  2. Water temperature for showers & baths: Keep that temp down! It's so tempting to treat our body to a deliciously scalding hot shower when it's freezing cold outside, but this is actually doing more damage than good to our skin. Stick to lukewarm water to avoid stripping your skin of natural oils and drying out your skin.

  3. Dry body brush: I love to do this all year round, but especially in winter. Dry body brushing can be done before your bath or shower and is great for improving circulation, stimulating lymphatic system& reducing appearance of cellulite. The bonus is that it also exfoliates, leaving your dry skin feeling soft and smooth.

  4. Nourish your body: Eating healthy foods & supplementing can make a world of difference to the feel and appearance of your skin. Along with eating a plant-based diet and avoiding processed foods, I take doTERRA's LifeLong Vitality supplements daily. This includes an omega supplement (these fatty acids are powerful in hydrating & nourishing our skin, without them our skin cannot hold on to moisture), a nutritional supplement (which gives us energy and extra radiance), and a cellular complex (helping us to glow from the inside out).

  5. Stress Less: Stress shows up in many areas of our life, including our skin. Practice mindfulness when possible and utilise your calming essential oils in your diffuser (some of my faves are Lavender, Frankincense, Vetiver, Bergamot, and Clary Calm)

  6. Moisturise: Make sure you are using a moisturiser or body oil both morning & night (straight out of the shower is best!). Adding your doTERRA essential oils will help your skin to glow and support your body in staying healthy through Winter (check out my free eBook at the bottom of this email for inspo on which oils to use).

  7. Avoid toxins: harmful chemicals found in our everyday cleaning & skincare products can be very detrimental and drying to our skin. Removing them from your home & life will help your skin to stay healthy. This is especially important for anyone who suffers from allergies, eczema & dermatitis flare ups.

  8. Salubelle: This is doTERRA's Beauty Blend and is an absolute MUST HAVE during Winter. It combines the most valuable and sought after essential oils on Earth, all famous for their beautifying properties. This blend is not only a powerhouse for nourishing and hydrating your skin, but will reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles, scars, pigmentation, sun spots and more. We like to call her Botox in a Bottle. Check out my pregnancy belly balm recipe using Salubelle here (PS: you can score this oil FREE this month! Keep reading to find out more)

  9. Silk pillowcases: These are not only totally luxe, but are a great idea for anyone suffering from dry skin as silk is a lot gentler on your skin than cotton. Remember to change your sheets & pillow cases regularly as there will be a build up of dead skin cells living there (yuck!)

  10. Face Mist: If you are exposed to wind, or drying heaters & air conditioners for most of your day it is a great idea to make a DIY hydrating face mist. All you need is a spray bottle, witch hazel, some doTERRA essential oils and water. You can find a simple recipe here

I'd love to hear what you incorporate into your skincare routine to stay healthy & beautiful during Winter. Hit reply and share with me! Love Courtney xo

GET SALUBELLE FREE IN JUNE & JULY! Purchase your first doTERRA oils before 15th July 2019 and you can score a 10ml bottle of Salubelle (worth $130) for FREE! With all orders over 200PV, doTERRA will send you this must-have blend. That includes our popular Home Essentials Kit and Nature's Solutions Kit! Salubelle is our beauty blend, affectionately known as 'botox in bottle'. She contains highly coveted oils such as Frankincense, Rose, Myrrh, Helichrysum & Hawaiian Sandalwood, all which have powerful properties for healing, smoothing & rejuvenating our skin. Read more about this blend here

Salubelle Immortelle Beauty Blend

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