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For the natural minded mamas you want to bring a little more wellness into their homes.

The Conscious Coven

Allow me to reintroduce myself...

Hey there! My name is Courtney.


I am a Sunshine Coast mum of three with a huge passion for helping mums create healthier homes (without the overwhelm).


I’m all about meeting you where you’re at and helping you to create change in your home that is practical and aligned. Whether you are brand new to low-tox living and looking to make your first simple swaps, or you’re already on your journey and looking for some extra inspiration & information, I know you’re going to find value here.


In my corner of the internet we...


  • Say no to toxic products and toxic people

  • filter our water but not our language

  • Strive for little wins over perfection

  • Know true health is true wealth

  • Cheer on other women like it’s a religion

  • Refuse to gatekeep good information or memes

  • Dance badly (& often)

  • NEVER take ourselves too seriously


I hope you love it here - you’ll find me at @itscourtneydow

I also happen to sell the most trusted & tested healthy lifestyle products in the world.


I want to see LOW TOX become mainstream, NATURAL become the norm, and TRUE WELLNESS accessible to everyone.

What I do

Simply put, I teach people how to create healthier homes.

On my Instagram you will find regular inspiration and tips for making low-tox swaps and DIYs in your home. 

I run occasional live events on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.


Inside our private customer community (over 4000 customers & growing!), I provide further education, resources and support.


I also mentor a team of women in creating a business just like mine. Through my coaching space Social Influence Club, I offer exclusive training in all things digital marketing & social selling. 


Contact Me

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YAY, message sent! I will be in touch soon.

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