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September 9, 2018



Sometimes when you are using essential oils resources, such as Droplii, Emotions & Essential Oils or Modern Essentials, it can be difficult to work out which blends they are referring to. This is because many of these amazing resources are not owned by doTERRA, and therefore cannot use the trademarked blend names. Instead they use the Generic Name (or the descriptive name), for example Citrus Bliss will be referred to as the Invigorating Blend.


This can get even more complicated when you live in Australia, as occasionally our blend names and generic names are different to the ones used in the US (and MOST of the resources will use the US names). An example of this is Smart & Sassy.


Australian Blend Name: Smart & Sassy

Australian Generic Name: Active Blend

USA Blend Name: Slim & Sassy

USA Generic Name: Metabolic Blend


Confusing, huh?


Some other blend thats have different names in Australia to the US include Salubelle (Immortelle), Easy Air (Breathe), Ice Blue (Deep Blue) & Lavender Peace (Serenity).


When you are first getting started with doTERRA, it is impossible to remember all the generic names as well as the blend names, so to help you navigate your resources with ease I have created an easy doTERRA Blends Chart, which you can save to your phone or print out and stick on your fridge.


This is a 2017 version. Stay tuned for an updated chart once the new blends are announced at Global Convention!



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