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Important notes on essential oils and how to use them safely for the whole family




Please note that while I am passionate about doTERRA essential oils and have personal experience with them, I am not licensed physician and cannot offer medical advice to heal, treat or cure. The information provided on this website is intended for informational purposes only. I encourage you to always seek further information from other sources or advice from a trained health care professional, especially when regarding illness, disease or chronic health conditions. Please use the information on this website responsibly and always use essential oils with care.


                             FOR TOPICAL APPLICATION


When using doTERRA essential oils topically it is important to always dilute with a good quality carrier oil (we recommend Fractionated Coconut Oil). Dilution can help to reduce any possible skin sensitivity, reduce evaporation, and also assist with faster absorption.

These are the the general guidelines for dilution:


Dilution Card (3).png



doTERRA's essential oils are Certified Pure Tested Grade (CPTG) and many are safe to use internally, meeting Australian food safety standards. The most common way of doing this is simply adding them to your food and beverages to experience them as flavouring.

Always remember that these oils are very potent, so less is more. One or two drops is often enough (sometimes half a drop is advised, try dipping a tooth pick in the top of your bottle and stirring it though your drink to experience closer to a half drop). Please always read the label before use.


It is recommended to not exceed more than 4-18 drops per day when taking essential oils orally, and always seek advice from a health care practitioner if you wish to take essential oils internally to meet specific wellness goals. You can read more about the reccommended daily amounts here.


                               AND ESSENTIAL OILS


When using essential oils at any time it is important to only use Certified Pure Tested Grade. This means that the essential oils have undergone extensive third party testing to ensure there are no synthetics, fillers, pesticides or additives. There is nothing in the bottles but pure plant extracts of the absolute highest quality. This is why I choose doTERRA. They are the only essential oil company in the world that currently meet these standards.

During pregnancy, making this choice becomes even more important.


doTERRA essential oils are generally considered safe during pregnancy, however it is recommended to do so under the guidance of a health care provider. Please always seek advice from a professional before introducing something new during pregnancy, or if you are considered a high-risk pregnancy. And if in doubt, leave it out.

If you are pregnant or nursing, I recommend the following resources for more information on safe usage:


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