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Why doTERRA? The Global Social Impact

A question that I often get asked is 'Why doTERRA?' I guess it's a two-part answer.

Firstly, and the reason that usually draws people to the products initially, the answer is the quality. There is no other essential oil company in the world that backs up it's products with as much scientific research and rigorous third-party testing than doTERRA. The purity and potency of these essential oils are the highest in the world, but there is a very specific reason we are able to achieve this. It comes down to our sourcing.

Here are some of the facts

  • doTERRA source our oils from 40 different countries (over half of which are developing nations)

  • Why do we do this? Because in order to get the highest quality oil, we need the highest quality plant. So we source every single oil from the part of the world where that specific plant grows indigenously, or where it thrives best in it's organic state.

  • Because so many of these countries are third-world, it gives us an incredible opportunity to create long term, nourishing partnerships with these communities. We help to create industry, employment, economy, and contribute further to their community through funding schools, hospitals, and more.

  • Through our co-impact sourcing model we have currently provided over 30,000 jobs worldwide to countries that need it most, and are changing hundreds of thousands of lives

  • $8,291,723 USD has been invested to date in our co-impact sourcing

doTERRA has sought out long-term, nourishing and sustainable partnerships with farmers, harvesters and distillers across the globe. In many cases, these plants have been the lifeblood of these families or communities for generations. Unfortunately in the past, these farmers suffered at the hands of corrupt middlemen with unfair payment, unfair conditions and constant uncertainty. DoTerra saw an opportunity here to work directly with farmers, cut out the middlemen and guarantee fair and on-time payments and better working conditions.

The Guiding Principles of our Co-Impact Sourcing Model speak volumes:

1. Generating Jobs

2. Providing Fair + On-Time Payment

3. Building Supplier Capacity

4. Sustaining Long Term Partnerships

5. Ensuring Fair Labour Conditions

6. Promoting Co-operatives

Here is a look at just some of the amazing work doTERRA is doing in the communities we source our essential oils from. I urge you to take some time to watch the videos to see the social impact projects, the harvesting and distilling processes and the love and kindness that flows out of this company.

THIS is why I partner with doTERRA, this is my why.

MADAGASCAR (where we source our Ylang Ylang)

  • Mobile Health Clinic has been set up to service areas that currently do not have access to any form of health care

  • Permanent Womens Health Clinic now completed

KENYA (where we source Ginger)

  • Currently working 250 farmers, which will grow to over 1000

  • doTERRA are purchasing the land (not possible for the locals to do themselves) and the farmers will be granted the land ownership in 3-5 years - AMAZING!!!!!

  • We have been able to provide an additional 2KM of fresh water for the community

  • Providing much needed equipment to a birth centre that was servicing over 200,000 women and looked more like a house of horrors

SOMALIA (Where we source Frankincense)

  • Increased wages to farmers x 10

  • Have set up school in Oodweyne educating over 215 children (and now thanks to doTERRA, GIRLS in this region are being sent to school, when they previously were not)

  • Funded and set up a large regional hospital, funding everything from the building, to supplies and equipment and 12 months of wages for the medical staff

  • Funded smaller medical clinics

  • Provided drought relief aid

  • There is no company in the world having as great an impact on Somalia as doTERRA is

HAITI (Where we source Vetiver)

  • Over $263,000USD donated

  • Built 588 roofs

  • Funded and completed an elementary school

  • Built 3 x water systems (pipelines with clean water) for communities that previously had to walk 2 hours EACH WAY to collect dirty water

NEPAL (Where we source Wintergreen)

  • 3 new schools funded and completed

  • Vet & Health Clinic funded and completed

  • $650,000 USD donated for disaster relief after the earthquake. Provided temporary homes, earthquake resistant housing, medical assistance and more

Find out more about joining doTERRA by clicking here or sending me an email

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