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Breaking Through the Stigma of Network Marketing

Network Marketing (or Multi-Level-Marketing): I had always been extremely closed-minded when it came the idea. I knew the opportunities were there, but I didn't want a bar of it. It didn't sit right with me. But why? Is living your truth through products that change lives a bad thing? Is financial abundance a bad thing? Is creating a life of freedom a bad thing? My answer to all these questions is no, so why was I so resistant? It comes back to the stigma.

There has always been a cloud of stigma surrounding network marketing. Breaking through this cloud for me meant opening my mind, deepening my understanding, and realising opportunity.

Here are some of the ways I was able to move past the stigma and embrace a truely soulful path in network marketing:

  • Finding a product and brand that resonated with me: I never sought out a network marketing opportunity, it happened completely organically. For several years I has been using essential oils as part of my life, and when my daughter was born I found that my connection with these oils deepened and they became a really important part of my daily life. Having a product that I was so naturally passionate about made sharing them almost effortless. I genuinely wanted to talk about them and how they positively impacted our lives. Once I opened my mind to the opportunity I began learning about the company itself and instantly felt so aligned with their structure and ethos. I was so fortunate to have connected with a beautiful mentor in Alice Nicholls, who took me under her wing and helped me follow this path with love, authenticity and fire.

  • Letting go of fear of judgement: This was a really big one for me. The idea of signing up with doTERRA had been in the back of my mind for at least a year before I finally jumped in. I was so worried what people might think, and I let this fear hold me back. What a sad statement: I LET FEAR OF JUDGEMENT HOLD ME BACK. This was the time in my life where I had to stop trying to conform to a life that doesn't resonate with me, and say YES, I am ready to receive, I am ready to rise, and I am ready to fucking rock.

  • Support from my Husband: It took me a long time to bring the topic up with my husband (this comes back to my fear of judgement), but when I finally did, it changed everything. He simply told me that he thought it was something I would be amazing at and that I should pursue it wholeheartedly. He told me he believed in me. Matt wasn't converted on the oils themselves (YET), but he saw my passion & my drive and he supported me 100%.

  • Knowing my WHY: Establishing my reason for following this path was a reason that cracked me wide open. It is something that lights me up every day and will motivates me every step of the way. Perhaps I will share it with you soon...

If you are interested in pursuing your own path in Network Marketing, but are having troubles moving past the stigma then please reach out, I would love to chat. I also urge you to check out the beautiful resources listed at the bottom of this page. They have been created by some of my biggest inspirations and really prove that network marketing can be a soulful, authentic and liberating career for anyone who is willing.

If you are ready to take the leap, enrol here and let's start making magic together.


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