If you are ready to kickstart your own incredible doTERRA business (with epic mentoring, traininging and support from me!), then THIS is the kit to get you started in the best possible way. You will have EVERYTHING you need to LIVE the doTERRA lifestyle, SHARE with the people in your life, and BUILD your own dream biz. PLUS you will start with 200 LRP points and begin your LRP point accrual journey on 20%. 


This kit includes:

✓ ONE bottle each of: Oregano, Lavender Peace, Elevation, Citrus Bliss, Cilantro & Grapefruit

✓ TWO bottles each of: Frankincense, Wild Orange, AromaTouch®, Balance, PastTense®, Smart & Sassy®

✓ THREE bottles each of: Lemon, Tea Tree, Peppermint, DigestZen®, Lavender, Easy Air, On Guard & ®Ice Blue®

✓ Our famous Petal Diffuser

✓ Cap Stickers For Common Oils (5 Sheets)

✓ Fractionated Coconut Oil for safe dilution & topical use

✓ Sample Keychain 8-Vial (Black)

✓ Your doTERRA Membership (giving you access to 25% off future purchases)

✓ All the added benefits of being a customer within The Conscious Coven: Ongoing education and personalised support from me, access to our team recipe app, exclusive Facebook groups, and more


*Points will be redeemable 90 days following enrollment. If the loyalty order is cancelled before 60 days, the new Wellness Advocate will not receive points awarded. Only first-time Wellness Advocates who purchase these specific enrolment kits qualify for the Loyalty Rewards Fast Track Program. Loyalty Rewards Fast Track enrollment orders are not loyalty orders and will not count towards Power of 3 bonuses or other Loyalty Reward Program benefits

Oil Sharing Kit

  • By purchasing this item you are agreeing to the terms & conditions of becoming a doTERRA wholesale customer with The Conscious Coven.

    As a wholesale customer you are entitled to a minimum 25% off purchases for the next 12 months and will have access to monthly deals, promotions & the opportunity to earn free products. You are not locked in to regular ordering and are under no obligation to share or sell.

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